Vacuum Lifting Tube Systems

ProTube Handling Solutions is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Palamatic in Canada. With over 30 years of experience, Palamatic designs and manufactures high quality lifting systems for all industries world-wide. Our goal is to offer adapted solutions focused on efficiency, safety and ergonomics. Vacuum lifting tube systems are used more and more in industries because they permit a rapid and fluid natural movement that no other device can offer. The system is controlled intuitively by the operator but it is the vacuum that does all of the work.

Type of product to be lifted


Vacuum lifters to handle or palletize cardboard boxes of all formats.



Vacuum lifters to efficiently handle paper, plastic or hessian bags.


Boards and Panels

Vacuum lifters to handle boards, panels and doors of all kind.


Drums and Pails

Vacuum lifters, grippers and tippers to handle drums, barrels, kegs, containers and pails…one or few at a time.


Stones and Slabs

Vacuum lifters to handle with effortless ease slabs, stones, bricks and pavements of all kinds.


Reels and Rolls

Vacuum lifters to handle reels and rolls using a suction foot, pneumatic side grip, or core gripper.



Vacuum lifters with fork attachments to handle or inspect pallets.