Two possible configurations...

Suspended configuration (as shown aside):

This configuration is ideal when you have limited headroom, when the operator can’t get close to the load or when the operator needs maximum lifting stroke. This handle can also be used when you expect the load to bounce or tip during lifting.

Configuration remote mount:

Choose this design when the handle is mounted more than one foot from where the wire rope attaches to tooling, or when you expect the load to bounce or tip during lifting.

Features & Benefits

  • This two-button infinitely variable control handle is a no-charge optional alternative to the standard slide handle
  • The push-buttons require less than one pound of force to depress, making it up to 70% easier than traditional pendants.
  • The suspended pendant configuration maximizes vertical travel, allowing operators to easily lift loads higher
  • Some users are comfortable with push-buttons pendant controls


General Brochure (PDF) 19.00 Mo

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