Swing Jibs and Bridge Cranes

Free Standing Articulated Jib PIVOT PRO

A swing jib that offers a lot of benefits !

The PIVOT PRO is a high quality product designed for applications under 150 lbs. The knuckle arm can manoeuver in tight spaces, move loads closer to the mast and go around obstacles if necessary. Specifically designed to be combined with a vacuum lifting tube system, the light ergonomic boom is easy to move and provides exceptional positioning.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity of 150 lbs
  • Standard spans up to 12'
  • Standard heights below the boom up to 12'
  • 360 degree non-continuous rotation on primary boom and 300 on secondary arm

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed arms eliminate the need for hose festooning by feeding vacuum directly to the lifter through the structure.
  • The lean design, quality of fabrication and lightness of the boom makes it one of the easiest jibs to manoeuver. It is up to three times easier to start and stop the boom of a PIVOT PRO compared to a standard swing jib.
  • The articulated arm not only allows to go around obstacles but also offers the ability to manoeuver closer to the mast, which normally corresponds to a dead zone with other types of swing jibs.
  • The design optimizes the lifting height in areas with low headrooms. It is the most compact jib available in terms of height.
  • Safer operation by reducing the “whip” of the boom in high cycle applications
  • No footing required on installation

Options available

  • Portable base to allow the jib to be lifted with a lift truck and transported to multiple locations. Leveling feet.
  • Rotation stops can be used to limit the primary boom rotation to less than 360 degrees
  • Vaccum pump post mounted support bracket
  • Filter support bracket


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