Why use a vacuum lifting tube system ?

Vacuum lifting tube systems are perfectly suited for handling and turning reels, rolls, coils, or spools no matter the gripping mode. The vacuum is used for both lifting AND gripping operations, thus facilitating the control of the device and optimizing the speed and ease of the process. No need for many buttons, only a single control valve operated with the fingertips to pick up, lift, lower and release the load – simple, fast and safe for the operator!


  • Reel and roll lifting on a flat surface using a "doughnut" shape suction foot
  • Reel and rool lifting using pneumatic core gripping or a combination of vacuum and grip
  • Lifting and turning 90 deg. to load reel and roll vertically on a shaft
  • Pneumatic side grips with or without a 90 deg. rotation for long rolls
  • Internal diameter pneumatic gripper for large coils with or without a 90 deg. rotation for long rolls

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-made solution ADAPTED to your application
  • REDUCE the risks of industrial injury
  • Increase PRODUCTIVITY and improve working conditions
  • Solution APPRECIATED by the operator facilitating the adoption of change
  • REDUCE the risk of product damage
  • Requires ONLY ONE OPERATOR which leads to better staff deployment and COST SAVINGS


Roll handling poses many ergonomic problems in industrial processes within the packaging industry. Reels can ‘telescope’ when picked from the core using mechanical grippers and in many cases the reel has to be re-wound. Occasionally this can mean a totally wasted reel.

Damage to the edge of the reel is common when badly handled.

Our solutions solve both problems with specially designed suction pads to cope with varying diameters. Grip is achieved across all of the windings which when lifted, prevents any spiralling from occurring. Because the reel is now weightless, the operator can exercise more care when manoeuvring it.


General Brochure (PDF) 11.48 Mo
Reel & Roll Brochure (PDF) 1.37 Mo

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