Why use a vacuum lifting tube system ?

Vacuum lifting tube systems are perfectly suited for handling efficiently and safely all kinds of slabs and stones. The vacuum is used for both lifting AND gripping operations, thus facilitating the control of the device and optimizing the speed and ease of the process. No need for many buttons, only a single control valve operated with the fingertips to pick up, lift, lower and release the load – simple, fast and safe !


  • 90 deg. rotating system for palletizing / depalletizing slabs stacked vertically
  • Outdoor mobile system for installing slabs on a construction site
  • 180 deg. slab flipper system for inspection and palletizing
  • Palletizing slabs on grinders, cubeurs, saws, presses, finishing working stations or at any other stage of the production process
  • Custom system for gripping unconventional shapes such as corners, radius of curvature, embankments, steps, etc.
  • Telescopic control head lifting system for sorting stones on a conveyor
  • Universal systems with "foam suction grip" for gripping brick patterns or complete rows of blocks at a time

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-made solution ADAPTED to your application
  • REDUCE the risks of industrial injury
  • Increase PRODUCTIVITY and improve working conditions
  • Solution APPRECIATED by the operator facilitating the adoption of change
  • REDUCE the risk of product damage
  • Requires ONLY ONE OPERATOR which leads to better staff deployment and COST SAVINGS


We constantly work in partnership with refractory manufacturers to advise on and solve handling issues and supply material handling equipment. Over the years, our solutions have contributed greatly to reduce the risk of workplace accidents in an environment where the weight of the loads to be handled and work pace are often a challenge for operators. The end result to the customer is increased production, reduced injury levels and consequently, reduced insurance coverage.


General Brochure (PDF) 11.48 Mo
Stone & Slab Brochure (PDF) 0.79 Mo

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