Vacuum Lifting Systems & Material Handling Solutions


Vacuum Lifting Tube Systems

Rapidly gaining popularity in all industries, vacuum lifting tube systems allow a rapid and fluid natural movement that simply no other handling device can offer. Let the vacuum do all the work !

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Swing Jibs and Bridge Cranes

Choosing the right support structure is a critical element to a handling project to ensure ergonomics, productivity and security in the production process.

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High Vacuum Suction Devices and Hoists

Ideal for applications that require the handling of large metal sheets. Combined with a hoist, such systems can reach capacities that no other vacuum device can achieve.

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Mobile Lifting Trolleys

Mobile handling solutions for all types of loads and for capacities ranging from 50 kg to 250 kg. Come find out all the accessories that can be combined on our Lifting Trolleys !

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Zero-Gravity Intelligent Lifting Devices

Preferred solution for accurate positioning or rapid cadence, these manipulators enable operators to lift and maneuver naturally with a blazing speed, as if the devices were an extension of their arms !

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Turnkey Project

No matter the nature of your project, ProTube is able to offer complete support throughout the implementation of your new lifting system. We propose a turnkey project service covering every step of the way from taking initial measurements to operator training. We are committed to taking care of the slightest details to ensure a pleasant experience for our customers.

  • Preliminary Meeting & Measurements
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Delivery on site
  • Operator Training
  • Installation & Adjustement
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