For urgent situations, we offer a service call process allowing you to contact us for a fast and professional service. One of our technical advisors will assess your problem diligently to determine the best way to get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

Québec | 450-239-6084      Ontario | 416-628-0222

[email protected]

Please note that you will also find a section  “FAULT FINDING AND RECTIFICATIONS” at the end of your equipment manual which should normally help you to resolve most of the common problems very quickly.

If your problem persists and we cannot assist you over the phone or email, we will book a technician to visit your site. This is a chargeable service unless covered under your warranty agreement. If you are sending us your enquiry via email, please attach photos showing the problem area or item that is malfunctioning.

To help us find the information of your equipment in our system, PLEASE HAVE THE PRODUCT NUMBER (or JOB NUMBER) ON HAND. This is located directly on the control head of your system, or on page 3 of your manual.

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