Swing Jibs and Bridge Cranes

Free Standing Light Swing Jib

Need to cover a single working station ?

The light swing jib is frequently used for projects of less than 150 lbs capacity. The light boom is so easy to manoeuver that it makes this the essential ergonomic tool for all applications requiring the coverage of a compact working station, or a circular zone.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity of 150 lbs
  • Standard spans from 4' to 12'
  • Standard heights from 8' to 10'
  • 200 degree rotation
  • Compact base of 15" x 15" with 4 anchor bolts

Features and Benefits

  • Lightness and ease of movement / the operator can move without worrying about the inertia of the boom
  • No footing required on installation
  • Small footprint / installation possible in confined areas

Options available

  • Portable base to allow the jib to be lifted with a lift truck and transported to multiple locations. Leveling feet.
  • Adjustable friction brake limits over swing during highly repetitive cycles
  • Vaccum pump post mounted support bracket
  • Filter support bracket


Interested in the Light Swing Jib ?

Talk to us about your project and we will evaluate with you the best solution to fit your needs.

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