Swing Jibs and Bridge Cranes

ProTube is proud to offer GORBEL products with it’s lifting systems. Reliable and high quality jibs and bridge cranes offer ease of movement to the operator. Choosing the right support structure is a critical element to a handling project to ensure ergonomics, productivity and security in the production process.

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Bridge Cranes and Monorails

Ceiling Mounted Bridge Crane

Cover a large working area while keeping the floor space free of obstruction.


Free Standing Bridge Crane

Cover a large working area without putting stress on the building’s overhead structure.



Simple and economical solution when only a linear movement is required.


Ergonomic Swing Jibs

Free Standing Light Swing Jib

Compact and lightweight design for coverage of a small working station.


Wall Mounted Light Swing Jib

Ideal for tight work spaces when a building column is near.


Free Standing Swing Jib

This model offers more reach and even more capacity.


Wall Mounted Swing Jib

More capacities and more reach, supported on an existing column.


Aluminum Tie Rod Swing Jib

Lightweight boom design to facilitate rotation while offering up to 2000 lbs capacity.


Articulated Swing Jibs

Free Standing Articulated Jib

This model is great when combined with vacuum lifting tube applications.


Wall Mounted Articulated Jib

Mounted on a building column, this model can cover a lot of ground.


Mobile Swing Jibs

Mobile Swing Jib

Move and use your lifting system on multiple locations.