Why use a vacuum lifting tube system ?

Vacuum lifting tube systems are perfectly suited for handling efficiently and safely all kinds of pallets. Rapidly becoming the industry standard, the Palamatic solution consists of a specially designed fork attachment mounted on a vacuum tube lifter. No need for many buttons, only a single control valve operated with the fingertips to lift and lower the load – simple, fast and safe !


  • Pallet inspection. The pallet can be lifted quickly and safely from a stack, hovered at a workable height and rotated horizontally through 360° for inspection purposes
  • Pallet horizontal lifting using fork
  • Pallet top lifting with suction foot

Features and Benefits

  • Custom-made solution ADAPTED to your application
  • REDUCE the risks of industrial injury
  • Increase PRODUCTIVITY and improve working conditions
  • Solution APPRECIATED by the operator facilitating the adoption of change
  • REDUCE the risk of product damage
  • Requires ONLY ONE OPERATOR which leads to better staff deployment and COST SAVINGS


General Brochure (PDF) 11.48 Mo
Pallet Brochure (PDF) 0.94 Mo

Interested in Pallet Lifting ?

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