180° Pneumatic Slab Turner


This project was realized for a customer operating in the refractory industry to perform gripping and rotation of slabs of various sizes. The project had several constraints and certainly no shortage of challenges. The slabs are still hot when coming out of the press and have an irregular surface with presence of bulges. Moreover, as they are presented upside down, we had to propose a solution to turn the stones 180 degrees in order to palletize them on the right side.

The solution came in the form of a vacuum lifting tube system equipped with a pneumatic mechanism to rotate the slabs using simple push-buttons. The use of a custom flexible suction foam seal combined with a high flow pump enabled the gripping of the irregular and hot surfaces. The operation can now be performed by a single operator and the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

« Working with ProTube was a success all along for us. With an excellent technical service, they immediately put us at ease. By listening carefully to our needs, they were able to develop a device fully adapted to our operations. Increased productivity AND safety improved, we couldn't ask for more! »

Samuel/ Project Engineer